Are you considering hypnotherapy training?

To be an effective hypnotherapist, you need three things:

  • A passionate desire to help others
  • Elegant, effective tools
  • Proficiency with those tools

If you want to:

  • Take loads of notes
  • Learn loads of theory
  • Become an ‘authority’ on Hypnotherapy

The Atkinson-Ball College is not for you.

Effective hypnotherapy is not a science; it is an art

The question is:

Do you want to have all the theory and become an art historian, or…

Do you want to paint the picture?

With us, you will not get:

  • Posh venues
  • Flash websites
  • Glossy brochures
  • A large faculty

These merely increase the cost, and do not make you a better hypnotherapist

With us, you will:

  • Train with highly-experienced, practicing hypnotherapists
  • Benefit from hands-on, intuitive learning
  • Work in a small class
  • Enjoy full accreditation (see below)
  • Have fun

For those new to hypnotherapy, we have our Foundation Course. This is a distance learning course, which can be done at your pace, provided it is completed prior to the seventh module of the Advanced Course.

For details of our Advanced Course, please see our website: Atkinson-Ball College

Our graduates are the only hypnotherapists eligible for registration with an elite association: The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy. The training of our practitioners means that they far exceed the standards of any other association. To that end, we have established The Atkinson-Ball Standard, bringing meaningful standards to the field of hypnotherapy.

Established by the late Bill Atkinson-Ball in 1985, our training is carried out by experienced hypnotherapists trained by Greg Forde, who was trained directly by Bill and worked alongside him prior to his death in 1992.

So, if you are content with run-of-the-mill, bog-standard hypnotherapy, please don’t contact us. We’re fussy.

If, however, you are passionate about being the best hypnotherapist you can be, please get in touch. We will be happy to help you in your search for effective hypnotherapy training, whether you end up training with us or not. There is no pressure and no obligation.

Only you will know how The Atkinson-Ball College will enable you to be the best hypnotherapist you can be.