Examination Anxiety

  • Degree exams
    “I believe hypnotherapy allowed me to control my anxiety. I have been able to stay calmer in my exam time than I would have been. I would like to thank you for your support in a hectic time. In the end I passed with a 2:1 and had nothing to worry about.” B.G. (aged 21)
  • Grade 6 violin exam – passed after hypnotherapy following two previous failures through exam nerves
    “I felt ‘calm and relaxed’. The ‘nerves’ weren’t there at all. I could play unhindered by these. and it was nice to be able to play without the ‘bow tremors’. Many thanks again.” Mrs I.M. (aged 40)
  • HGV Driving Test
    “I passed my HGV test ( following three previous failures) through the help of hypnotherapy to allow me to stay calm and to not let my nerves/fear get the better of me. Thank you very much Hugh.” Mr O.L. (aged 27)
  • Aptitude test for student wishing to train as a doctor
    “You really boosted my cofidence, and whenever I have doubts I can just listen to my CDs – they’ve been brilliant. I am in charge of my nerves now.” Miss P.T. (aged 23)
  • Accountancy Exam (Previously failed on a number of occasions)
    “It helped me to feel more relaxed in the exam which, I am sure, helped me to pass”. Mr G.P (aged 34)
  • Examination anxiety
    “I am much calmer and am able to think clearer with regard to my exams and revision. I have not panicked or worried during the run up to my exams in the way I did prior to hypnotherapy”. Mr L.G. (aged 18)

While the comments above are accurate, amendments to details of initials and ages have been made to ensure client confidentiality.