• Worried about giving birth to her second child after a traumatic first experience
    “I wanted to sincerely thank you for the help, and support you gave me through this. The birth was every bit the positive and joyful experience you said it would be, and such a marked contrast to my first birth. For your information here is a little summary. I started having strong contractions between 7 and 9pm, 1 and 2a.m, and again at 5.30 a.m. Each time I was able to use the basement technique you taught me to rest and relax. As the contractions kept stopping and starting, I wasn’t really sure how the labour was progressing, but, by 6.45a.m , they were three minutes apart so by the time we got to the birth centre at 7a.m, I was 8cm dilated and almost ready to push. I had been coping with the pain much better than I thought, and my son was born three hours later. I only needed a little gas and air throughout the pushing part and no stitches, and, as my baby was a mighty 8lbs and 7ozs, that is pretty impressive. The midwife commented that clearly the hypnotherapy had worked very well”. Mrs O.L. (aged 32)
  • Childbirth
    “It (self-hypnosis) was not only useful during the birth, but great for relaxation prior to and post…..I was amazed at how effective it was. I had to “unhypnotise” myself to decide whether the contractions were strong enough to warrant going into hospital, and when we got there the midwife was surprised to see me looking so relaxed and already at 5cms. Thank you Hugh”. Mrs G.B. (aged 32)
  • Childbirth
    “I had total confidence in the process. The birth was relaxing and enjoyable. I might have panicked without it (self-hypnosis). I have heard that some mothers have been put off after having their first child, and that some have traumatic flashbacks. All I have is a lovely memory”. M.F.. (aged 26)
    (For the full story of M.F (Mandy)’s experience see: Childbirth )

While the comments above are accurate, amendments to details of initials and ages have been made to ensure client confidentiality.