• Fear of driving on motorways/A roads
    “Now able to drive on motorways and dual carriageways….I have to admit that I was sceptical but as I drove on to the Severn Bridge with the car laden with a top box, bicycle rack, noisy kids and husband asleep in the passenger seat I was elated. Thank you a million times over.” Mrs R.F  (aged 38)
  • Fear of heights and crossing bridges
    “’First class service, and it has been truly beneficial” Mr R.W. (aged 54)
  • Claustrophobia
    “When I am in confined areas, or due to be confined, I use the relaxation techniques, which diffuse the situation… it is a big help” Mr S.P. (aged 47)
  • Agoraphobia/Claustrophobia
    “I am now panic-free when going into open spaces. I have been in lifts and on The London Eye and on the London underground – something I would never have considered before.” Mrs H.D. (aged 42)
  • Claustrophobia
    “I am happier and seem to have more time for people. I have attended several sporting and social events without the anxiety I normally had.” Mr B.C. (aged 48)
  • Fear of flying
    “Would just like to say how delighted I am that it was so successful”. Mrs C.S. (aged 60)
  • Fear of going to school
    “Thank you for helping me get my confidence back. I passed my 11 plus and can’t wait to go to my new school. I do a lot of things I didn’t do before”. Miss M.G. (aged 10)
  • Snake phobia (particularly while riding horse)
    “My phobia has been erased. I no longer have the snake nightmare either. It is great not to feel anxious as I live my life now not worrying about snakes. I can’t believe the change in how I feel. I can ride my horse without even considering what is on the ground. I have visited a pet shop full of snakes with ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the hypnotherapy which was incredibly relaxing. Many thanks. Mrs D.L. (aged 32)


While the comments above are accurate, amendments to details of initials and ages have been made to ensure client confidentiality.