Sport Improvement

  • Lost confidence in playing football again after long physical recovery from cruciate ligament injury
    “My life has become a lot better with near enough no stress or anxiety, and I now feel like the old me again. Thank you for helping me through this.” Client P.D. (aged 21)
  • Equestrian dressage competitor
    “I feel generally better all round. And yes I did win my show, and I am sure hypnotherapy helped me.” Mrs K.T. (aged 33)
  • Swimmer being/feeling sick before events
    (From mother) “How lovely to see Jemma swim a race without feeling/being sick. She was able to eat too! Thank you very much for all your help.” J.G. (aged 15)
  • Cyclist (increasing fear of traffic and fast down hill descents)
    “I have now done two cycle events (since our sessions) and feel more confident than before, and don’t let traffic scare me so much. I am faster and more confident going down hill, which all helps to make (my overall performance) faster. I am really enjoying feeling this way. It feels great. Thanks.” Miss J.Y. (aged 37)
  • Junior national gymnastics champion
    “Thank you for helping me believe in myself. It has helped a lot because I am now British champion.” Miss L.O. (aged 10)
  • Equestrian
    Loss of nerve after horse bolted with her. “About three weeks after our last session everything changed. The horse had been lame for a little while so I had not ridden for ten days. When I did my confidence had increased beyond belief and I am back to my old self from years ago.” Miss V.W. (aged 35)
  • Fear of water and swimming
    “Definitely solved the problem completely.” Mrs W.N. (aged 55)

While the comments above are accurate, amendments to details of initials and ages have been made to ensure client confidentiality.