Some Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy

  • What is hypnosis?

    Hypnosis has been defined as a state of “altered awareness”. It is both natural and safe. We all, in fact, move in and out of hypnosis many times a day without being aware of it. Driving, day dreaming and being engrossed in a novel or a film are just some of the many forms of the state we call hypnosis.

    Hypnosis can also be created by suggestion. Therefore when you are in hypnosis you are fully aware of what is taking place, but are now able to concentrate more effectively and intensely on any problem you may have without fear and anxiety.

  • Will I be asleep or unconscious while in hypnosis?

    Definitely not. When you are in hypnosis you are awake and aware. You are not asleep. Your mind is active. Your thoughts are under your control. You are aware of things going on around you. You can hold a conversation while in hypnosis.

  • Are there some people who cannot enter hypnosis?

    Yes – the very young, some elderly people, someone with a severe learning disability, anyone under the influence of alcohol, and anybody who does not want to be.

  • Are any drugs used?

    No drugs are used.

  • Can hypnosis be dangerous?

    No. There is nothing dangerous about hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a proven therapeutic aid. Many people fear hypnosis, because they believe they would be under the control of the hypnotherapist. In reality you are always in control of the therapeutic situation, and can simply choose not to respond to a suggestion if you wish.. You can bring yourself out of hypnosis at any time.

  • Could I be influenced to do anything against my will?

    No. In fact, you would be shocked out of the hypnotic state immediately any such suggestion was made to you. While in hypnosis you wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t normally do. It is important to remember that the subjects of stage or TV shows are all volunteers, thus willing to be uninhibited while on stage.

  • How many sessions will I need?

    This will, of course, depend on the problem. However, many issues can be dealt with in 3 to 6 sessions.