Self Esteem, Anxiety and Depression

  • Fainting every time goes for doctor, dentist, optician and other ‘medical’ treatments
    “Great news! My visit to the dentist was a success. It worked.  My dentist examined my teeth. I didn’t feel bad at all. Now I have also been to the optician. Felt fine. It’s a miracle.”  Client  G.L.
  • Anxiety regarding forthcoming operation
    “Just wanted to say thank you for your expertise. I found the session that we had on Wednesday sooooo relaxing! I have had various relaxation therapies over the years but have never been as deeply relaxed as I was that day. I felt like I was in a calm, peaceful bubble and nothing penetrated it. Wonderful! I remained CALM, CONFIDENT AND IN CONTROL. I could hear your voice as I was being calmly assertive and really believe that I would not have handled the situation as I did if it had not been for the therapy from you. The op went very well and my surgeon commented on how quickly I became alert afterwards. I am recovering well.”  Mrs  V.M  (aged 62)
  • Anxiety/Tension
    “I am the first to admit that I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy and what I would gain from it. I am so glad I came to see you now as the benefits I gained are tremendous, and I would most definitely recommend you to others. I would like to thank you for making me feel so at ease straight away and for the way you conducted the sessions in a calm and caring manor despite all my doubts etc. I definitely feel better for being able to deal with life with a new outlook! I feel I have a ‘tool’ I can use whenever I want to.” Mrs B.J. (aged 52)
  • Anxiety
    “Thank you Hugh for all your help in freeing my negative emotions. Its amazing how much lighter I feel!” Mrs G.M. (aged 51)
  • Depression
    “Because of my new found calmer state of mind, I find I am now able to cope with more day to day problems. I was emotional in a bad way before, but, after the hypnotherapy sessions, I feel stronger and more able to cope. I feel that doctors should invest in sending patients for this therapy rather than shelling out pills which just suppress the problem. I’m sure it would cost the NHS less in the long run than a life-time on antidepressants. Thank you Hugh.” Mrs H.K. (aged 42)
  • Anxiety
    “The levels of anxiety have reduced/subsided completely leaving myself to focus on ‘peace of mind’ within my own life. Thank you Hugh for helping me realise the potential of ‘peace of mind’ that I only dreamed of, and thought was impossible to achieve considering the harmful dynamics that for so long dogged my life.” Mrs O.V. (aged 49)
  • Self esteem
    “Hypotherapy with you has given me increased confidence and a more positive outlook on life generally. I value myself more. I would recommend hypnotherapy with you – no question! Thank you so much Hugh.” Mrs J.F. (aged 37)
  • Depression
    “I was at my wits end with depression after battling the NHS to help and understand. I feel that hypnotherapy has turned my life around… Mr Clover targeted specific areas as well being general and this has made me feel more positive about life and a lot stronger….this is the beginning of the rest of my life.” Miss J.G. (aged 28)
  • Anxiety and depression
    “The terrible all consuming anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts have gone for which I will be eternally grateful – I can’t thank you enough Hugh. Hypnotherapy has worked wonders for me. The few sessions I had have definitely turned my life around -just glad to be alive and full of joy.” Mrs K.U. (aged 58)
  • Regular night terrors (several times a week) for nearly 50 years
    “I have not had a single night terror since the sessions with you. Thank you. (Clear for over two months)” Mr G.W (aged 63)
  • Anger and Unhappiness
    “My life has turned round full circle. Brilliant.” Miss J.D. (aged 32)
  • Fear of making a speech
    “Amazed – actually enjoyed whole day (wedding) including speech. Hardly any nerves. 110 per cent improvement”. Mr C.L. (aged 58)
  • Loss of confidence and self esteem following abusive relationship
    “I feel a bit more positive everyday, and I feel more and more confident in things I once found a challenge. I found it a great help, and not only have I noticed a change in myself, but so have many other people.” Mrs F.Y. (aged 26)
  • Relationship break up
    “Without these sessions I feel I really would not have coped with traumatic events – particularly an emotional house move. I cannot thank you enough for your expertise and help”. Mrs V.O. (aged 56)
  • Anger and anxiety at work
    “Hypnotherapy “rocks”! You helped by saving me from a major breakdown. The calming effects are immediate, and I am getting stronger each week. I use self-hypnosis a lot now”. Miss O.L. (aged 32)

While the comments above are accurate, amendments to details of initials and ages have been made to ensure client confidentiality.