Hypnosis – Dispelling the Myths

You do NOT Lose Control

Hypnosis actually gives you more clarity and therefore more control. Hypnotists who perform on stage make it appear that they are able to take control of their subjects. This is not the case. Hypnotherapists only work in a relaxed atmosphere of total consent with their clients.

Hypnosis is Perfectly Natural

Driving, daydreaming, being engrossed in a novel or film – these are just some of the many forms of hypnosis. We all move in and out of hypnosis many times a day without being aware of it. It is both natural and safe.

You Are Fully Aware

Hypnosis is not sleep. You are fully aware at all times. In fact, you are more aware in hypnosis than at other times.

Your Integrity

You will never do or say anything you do not wish to. You will not reveal your innermost secrets.

Often only a few sessions are required.
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