• Swimmer being/feeling sick before events
    (From mother) “How lovely to see Jemma swim a race without feeling/being sick. She was able to eat too! Thank you very much for all your help.” J.G. (aged 15)
  • Anxiety going out/difficulty getting to school after a trauma
    (From mother) “I’m so impressed, not just with the treatment, but also the genuine interest in my son’s well being. He has now been to London, has had no trouble going to school at all, enjoying life. We’re so relieved. Huge thanks Hugh. You’re fab.” B.L. (aged 10)
  • Fear of death/illness – particularly worried about any lumps or bumps he found on himself despite assurances from his GP
    “Johnny and I (mother) would both like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done. Johnny no longer has any fears or worries about any lumps or bumps or illness whatsoever.” J.E. (aged 12)

While the comments above are accurate, amendments to details of initials and ages have been made to ensure client confidentiality.