• Confidence
    “I came to Mr Clover a 17 year old depressed child with 0 confidence and very scared for what my future holds. I have now finished my teenage life problems with great aspects and ambitions as a 19 year old man. I had struggles in my life that I couldn’t cope with and while being told by people with ten degrees how to solve them with the conscious mind. Hugh shined the light. It was his techniques that worked well with my mindset. Now he is someone I can confide in with full confidence, with absolute safety. Give it a go! Thank you Mr Clover.” Client D.S.
  • Confidence (Trainee Nurse)
    “Generally feel happier. Do not worry unnecessarily about things any more. I have much more confidence standing up for myself, and with talking with other people. The awful feeling I had before of feeling inadequate has gone allowing me to enjoy my job. Thank you for your help.” Miss T.O, (aged 23)
  • Stressed and lacking confidence in business
    “I now feel calmer under pressure…..I didn’t realise just how great the results would be. Thank you so much.” Mrs G.A. (aged 32)
  • Anxious speaking up in class
    “I am now able to speak more clearly to people with confidence and without panicing (generally), and I can now, unlike before, speak up in class . Thank you.” Miss D.L. (aged 16)
  • Fear of making a speech
    “Amazed – actually enjoyed whole day (wedding) including speech. Hardly any nerves. 110 per cent improvement”. Mr C.L. (aged 58)
  • Loss of confidence and self esteem following abusive relationship
    “I feel a bit more positive everyday, and I feel more and more confident in things I once found a challenge. I found it a great help, and not only have I noticed a change in myself, but so have many other people.” Mrs F.Y. (aged 26)
  • Fear of going to interviews
    “Made me feel and believe that I could overcome my fears over this specific problem. I got the job! They were really impressed especially with my presentation. Many many thanks.” Mr R.C. (aged 29)
  • Fear of Public Speaking
    “I had decided that I would not be able to make the speech (at daughter’s wedding), and my fear of public speaking would spoil the day. Following hypnotherapy I decided to give it a go since my confidence levels had been raised. I was complemented by many of the guests on my excellent performance. I am amazed at the difference your therapy made”. Mr C.L. (aged 48)

While the comments above are accurate, amendments to details of initials and ages have been made to ensure client confidentiality.